Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Skin I am In

I came across some videos on youtube that really opened my eyes to a worldwide condition of self hate. I dont know why i thought the battle between skin color was only reserved for blacks and African Americans and Afro Americans and Negros and Niggericans and "Us" in the "Colored" section of life, but it seems that this obsession with white being closer to everything holy and acceptable is not only present in the Western hemisphere of the world. In relation to skin bleaching, companies market their products by making "us" feel our skin is not good enough, and we are in our skin, so really their marketing technique is saying that "we" are not good enough! For years, i have heard of Black people bleaching their skin in hopes of scoring a better job, or being socially accepted, or even gaining attention from the opposite sex...all of which sounds so pathetic and crazy, but i just happened to stumble upon a few bleaching cream commercials that are advertising to Indian, Chinese, and Pakistani women!!!! I was shocked to learn that this is not only going on here in America, but in Asia as well! When will all people of color wake the hell up and realize that our skin, our culture, and we as human beings are beautiful as we are. White people who are making money off of us by brainwashing us to feel that we are not worthy enough is sickening, and at the expense of people around the world damaging their health just to become lighter while white people stay at the tanning salon and injecting all kinds of shit into their ass and lips to look like us...why????? Live, Love, and spread Peace...not ignorance. Everyone is Beautiful!!!!

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  1. Holy sh*t! That was disturbing. There was no subtle anything to that! They clearly said white beauty at the end and compared the skin tones of the new chick to the old and she was considerably lighter..... FOOLISHNESS at its finest.