Sunday, May 24, 2009

A New York State of Mind

The one thing i always wanted to do the most was travel. Exploring a new place, new faces and smells, learn a new map and print another boarding pass. Being far from home, surrounded by the unfamiliar is so refreshing. My mind is often drawn to the memories of a trip i took to New York. The electricity of being in the city is overwhelmingly fascinating! A constant hum of movement....a hub of excitement and uncertainty. From the summertime heat to the faint smell of garbage on every street, a blur of yellow cabs, the coffee shop on the corner with jazz, and every couple was in love. Greekindianchineseitalianpuertoricanjamcianafrican-ism, a world of culture crammed into a concrete box, no space to walk, and being lost in the Bronx in afternoon traffic for 3 hours is another tale and a trek of its own, Harlem is like home and i found out about what Malcom wrote and breakfast at Sylvia's was early but the real deal, Brooklyn was the face to all my favorite Planet's lyrics, and Times Square is even more mad after dark.
Cats, rats, dogs of plenty, and who could forget the "iron worms" of the underground mixed with the sound of clatter and always noise is the soundtrack. Three days was not the lifetime it would take to uncover the hidden treasures and unparalleled paths of this city. I could write a novel on the graffiti alone and the everyday poets of the streets i have seen, but even that would not be enough. I somehow found myself in all of the chaos where my peace was lost in the place of dreams and lights.

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