Thursday, May 14, 2009

Throwback Thursday: Poetry

Pills and planes are both the same
Both call my name to come fly and distract me from life's eye
So, i turn clicks and plan trips hoping to satisfy this need to stay high
The ground is too occupied with lies, 500 channels and nothing's on, late nights alone, telephones, school loans, 2 hour rides home, a bunch of shit i cant afford...and even if could i wouldnt buy it, bad porn, loud horns, and fur off animals backs, blackjack, how many cars got an Obama sticker on the back? bogo, no time to talk i gotta go, the weight of saying "I love you", BBQs...all of this just to get by!
How many pills i got left?
How much money to book that flight?
Maybe i just need God in my life or maybe my love will keep me warm
Either way and every form

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